Eva Sutherland

The support and feedback he provided has been invaluable. He went scene by scene and made suggestions on character, dialogue, subtext, and action that made the scenes and characters really come alive. My script recently placed as a Quarterfinalist in Fade-In Awards and as a finalist in Scriptapalooza, so I know that Wally was right on the money!

Carinn & Betty (Dos Divas)

Wally's mentorship has been invaluable.

It wasn't until he took all the rules we thought we knew in theory, and actually applied them to our own screenplay, that we were able to understand the problems with our writing. Once he showed us how to rectify our work, we were able to identify the pattern of mistakes we were consistently making and change our writing forever. Because of this, he instilled confidence in our work and we are proud to put our work out there now.

We just placed in the Washington State Screenplay Competition and are looking forward to the public reading of our screenplay coming up in the fall. We couldn't have done it without Wally and highly recommend him to all screenwriters.